Medieval Moments- Blue Way Music CD

Medieval Moments

Be transported to another time and place…somewhere still and peaceful.

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 Open Spaces- Blue Way Music CD

Open Spaces

Contemplative of those open spaces left naturally and their disappearance per the everglades, however, there is still the great OUTBACK.

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 East West- Blue Way Music CD

East & West

Relaxation / meditation music at its best. Simple and effective. Listen then feel it.

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 Deep Sea of Blue- Blue Way Music CD Deep Sea of Blue Don’t worry if you can’t swim at home, just let the waves of music take you whilst you rest, the dolphins’ll do the rest.Listen to Deep Blue Sea

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 Rainbow Crusing- Blue Way Music CD Rainbow CruisingWhen someone skis down a mountain, drives up and down a mountain valley, is it the same for a molecule sliding down a rainbow? The variety of styles and tunes here when heard may just give the answer.Listen to Rainbow Cruising

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 Truth is Where You Find It- Blue Way Music CD Truth is Where You Find ItIf dancing, the music maybe sufficient, if just listening, the thoughts may dance.Listen to Truth Is Where You Find ItBuy at CD Baby
 D'Ya Really Want To Smile- Blue Way Music CD D’you Really Want To Smile

If crying is like raindrops and laughing is like sunshine, then the smile could be a rainbow.

Listen to D’You Really Want to Smile

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 Eyes Invitus- Blue Way Music CD Eyes InvitusA mix of Modern Dance/R’n’B, though not hard core, all with lyrics that tell a real story.Listen to Eyes Invitus

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 Ever been In Love Before- Blue Way Music CD Ever been In Love BeforeModern R’n’B with some smooth jazz inflexions.Listen to Ever Been In Love Before

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