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Blue Way Music is the result of many years, a lifetime for some, of research and practice using the human faculty into its true purposes.

One of the results devolved here is music and its high connective possibility in the times in which we now live, which can be stressful, and where relaxation / meditation becomes a necessary tool.

Dancing, movement and exercise, of any kind, can be used as a meditation and this can be further explained in the Blue Way Studies.

The music on this website is conducive to relaxation, meditation, thoughtfulness, calm, upliftment, energising, all important natural human purpose balance and alignment.

The Blue Way Music Collection

This collection of original music touches a variety of music genres and styles that are currently available, with a unique blend in its own portrayal of this kaleidoscope.

Please take a few moments to view the current Blue Way Music Collection where you will find links to track listings and access to reviews and purchase information.

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There are no free music samples on this site, because only ‘nothing’ is free. Blue Way Music believes its produce is ‘something’, of real value, and you are invited to SPEND some time listening to the samples of these new releases, as well as other CDs before you buy.

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‘Eyes Invitus’ and ‘ Ever Been in Love Before, plus samples of all other music releases, by clicking the following link > Blue Way Music MP3 Player.

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If you have any queries about the music or want to book OZ for a live performance email: oz@bluewaymusic.com